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Joseph | Great Wall

We've all been there: You just arrived at this awesome destination when you realize you can't find that one item you reach for every time you travel. It's frustrating, we know.

Besides, as a frequent traveler, your health has to go through numerous sacrifices such as poor hygiene, changes of routine, inevitable little cuts or bruises, all for that breathtaking experience.

We are travelers ourselves so we know the struggle, that's why we went to work and hand-picked the most complete and international travel kit to help you make your next trip safer and ready.

What's inside


Travel Toothbrush with 4 replacement brush heads. German Design

Portable Carry Bag

Leather gadget carry bag perfect for electronic accessories or keep important items for easy reach.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Touch friendly sealted Waterproof Pouch for mobile phones 6 inch or below.

Type C Multi Charging Cable

3 in 1 Universal Nylon cable with lighting/micro USB/type C for iPhone & Android phones.

Rain Coat

Reusable emergency adult Rain Coat with hood and sleeves.

Emergency Thermal Blanket

Water & wind proof emergency blanket. Easy protection for cold and warm weather.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit packed with medical Supplies (13 items).

Yoga Resistance & Stretch Band

1.5m Resistance & Stretch Band. The best way to stay fit on the go.

Compression Bag

Roll-up compression bag for clothes. No vacuum or pump needed.

Awesome Gift

Yes, we will add a surprise gift with this awesome kit. You'll love it.

Delivered to your doorstep for Only $69

Includes: 1 Toothbrush + 4 replacement brush heads, 1 Travel Case Pounch, Type C Multi Charging Cable, 1 Waterproof Phone Pouch, 1 Adult Rain Coat, 1 Emergency Thermal Blanket, 1 First Aid Kit (13 items), 1 Large Compression Bag, 1 iphone 6s skin (adhesive residue free) and an awesome gift.

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